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Your responsibilities

If your Solo accommodation is self-contained you will have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). This initial contract lasts for six months, and towards the end of this period you and your Support Worker will discuss what progress you are making in your plan for independent living and how much longer you may need to stay with us. We normally expect people to stay with us for up to 18 months before moving into more permanent accommodation.

Where you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy you will also be provided with a copy of the property Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Performance Certificate and the Government ‘How to Rent’ booklet.

If your accommodation with Solo is in a shared house you will be given a licence to occupy the room you are allocated and use of the shared facilities (bathroom, kitchen etc.). Please use shared areas with consideration and respect for your fellow residents and make sure they are always left clean and tidy.

After the initial six months you may need more time for your plan to come together.  Don’t worry if the six months has passed and you feel you aren’t ready to leave, we will work with you to decide how much longer you may need to stay with us.

But there may be some situations when we do ask you to leave. These include:

  • Failure to pay your rent
  • If you do not meet regularly with your Support Worker to work on your plan for independent living
  • If you or your visitors cause nuisance and annoyance to neighbours
  • If you harass neighbours and/or your housemate (if in shared accommodation)
  • Involvement in criminal activity which is causing a risk either to yourself, other residents or neighbours

If we think you should leave your accommodation we will provide you with the necessary legal notices and you will have the opportunity to ask for a review or an appeal.

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