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Safety first — Health & Safety

Solo Housing aims to protect its employees, and others, from risks to health and safety as part of their work activities, as far as is reasonably possible. 

We achieve this by adopting a safety management strategy that includes using safe working systems and appropriate procedures to cater for all significant risks.

This policy is supported by issuing safety rules and general procedures, each subject to review and revision by management, and in conjunction with the Health and Safety Advisory Committee as necessary. The systems for implementing this policy will be given to all employees.

The responsibility for achieving and adhering to acceptable safety standards is the responsibility of both the employer and employees, sub-contractors and suppliers of materials to be used at work.

Employers are required by law to publish this safety policy. It is the duty of all employees to not only read this document carefully, but to take an active interest in achieving safety at work.

The successful implementation of this policy depends on the wholehearted co-operation of all levels of employee and management.

This statement of policy will be reviewed and revised as appropriate, to take account of changes in circumstances or in legal requirements.

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