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To report a repair during working hours, contact your Support Worker or call head office. If the repair is urgent and it is out of hours (weekdays 5pm – 9am and 24 hours Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays) please call the out of hours number, the call will be redirected to the duty Support Worker – call:

Suffolk — 0333 305 7588
Norfolk – 01379 650906

You can also call our head office in Diss on 01379 640250 or e-mail us on

When you report a repair, you will need to give your name, address and telephone number, a description of the problem and where it is in your home. It would also be helpful to let us know when you will be able to let a contractor in to do the repair.

When will the repair be completed?

We give priority to repairs depending on the urgency. Here is guide to how long each type of repair is likely to be completed or made safe:

Immediate Priority — less than 5 hours

  • Faulty thermostats, gas leaks/supply failure — gas leaks should be reported to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 before contacting Solo Housing
  • Burst water supply/loss of supply — call Anglian Water Emergencies on 08457 145 145 if the leak is outside your property, before the water goes to your meter
  • Unsafe power, lighting, electrical fitting (where there is immediate danger)
  • Blocked flue to open fire or boiler
  • Potentially life-threatening situations

Emergency — up to 24 hours

  • Loss of electricity (unless you’re out of credit)
  • Blocked toilet, drain or leaking drain
  • Leak from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Leaking roof (made safe)
  • Fire door closures
  • Broken light switch, socket or exposed wiring
  • Boarding up for security
  • Broken door lock

Urgent — less than 5 working days

  • Replacing glass
  • Blocked gutters or drains that may cause flooding
  • Repairing entry phone
  • Repairing hot water system
  • Repairing space heating (between 1 November to 31 May)
  • Repairing cooker, washing machine and fridge
  • Trip hazard
  • Loose or detached bannister or handrail
  • Rotten timber flooring or stair tread
  • Outside lighting failure

Routine — less than 42 working days

  • Cracked window
  • Wind damaged fence
  • Leaking taps
  • Curtain poles 

Which repairs are your responsibility?

  • Replacing lightbulbs
  • Maintaining any appliances and fittings that Solo Housing has not provided
  • Replacing batteries in your doorbell
  • Clearing rubbish and putting bins out for collection
  • Cleaning the front of your property
  • Keeping your room clean
  • Keeping shared areas clean
  • Cleaning household appliances such as fridges and cookers
  • Defrosting freezers
  • Wiping down condensation and mould
  • Removing items you have disposed of in the boundaries of the property e.g. furniture or rubbish the council will not remove.

You may be charged for a repair in the following circumstances:

  • When a repair has been done as a result of damage caused by you
  • When Solo Housing carries out work that is your responsibility e.g. you have not cleared rubbish from the front of your property
  • When criminal damage has been done to your property you will need to report it and obtain a crime number, otherwise you will be charged for it.

Contractor Appointments

Please make sure you keep the agreed appointment to let the contractor into your home. If the contractor arrives on time and you’re not there to let them in, you will be charged for this service.

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