Local Authorities

Solo Housing has been working in partnership with local authority housing and homelessness teams for many years.

We are contracted to provide supported accommodation in South Norfolk, Breckland, Babergh and Mid Suffolk. We have service level agreements to provide Lodgings Schemes in South Norfolk, East Suffolk, Babergh, Mid Suffolk and Colchester.

With our experience of working with a wide range of single people in housing need we can help to deliver services on behalf of local authority to help prevent and relieve homelessness in your area. To find out more about how your local authority could work with Solo Housing by contacting us

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Are you working with someone who may have support needs?

If you are working with a single person who may have support needs, for example they have substance misuse, learning disability or health issues, poor mental health or a history of care or offending behaviour, you may want to refer them to our  Supported Housing scheme for more details.

Supported Housing

Are working with someone who needs affordable accommodation

If you are working with a single person with no support needs who needs affordable accommodation you could refer them to our Lodgings Scheme


Lodging Scheme

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