In September 2018 in work but sofa surfing for a couple of years, “Jez” self-referred into Solo Housing, where he was assessed and joined the hostel project.

Support was given to maintain his Universal Credit claim as his computer skills and concentration levels were low. In January 2019 Jez was laid off and depression set in. He became isolated and suicidal.

He was supported to GP appointments and sign posted to the Well Being Service which was responsive but short lived. Jez engaged regularly with his support worker and would talk about how he was feeling, what his worries were and what interests he would like to activate again.

As Jez’s mood and motivation gradually improved, he felt empowered to take part in paid work experience and became involved in a local volunteer role. He is now living in a shared house with two other people and aspires to join the housing register in the near future.