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Drug misuse

We do not tolerate the misuse of drugs on the premises and we may take action to prevent their use. The main points of our drugs policy are as follows:

  • It is an offence to allow occupied or managed premises to be used for the supply of any controlled drug, or the smoking of cannabis or opium. This means that if we know, or suspect, that any drug misuse is being carried out we must legally act immediately to stop it 
  • If a resident has experienced a drug misuse problem in the past, they will be expected to seek external assistance and support to minimise risk or reduce drug use as part of their support plan
  • All visitors to your premises must be made aware of the substances that are not permitted. If they are caught using or supplying controlled drugs they may be banned from the premises.
  • There does not need to be any exchange of money for supply of controlled drugs to have taken place. Sharing, swapping or giving also constitutes supplying of drugs.

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