Opening door

Who are we

Solo Housing is a registered charity. Since 1985 we’ve been helping single people who find themselves with nowhere to live. We help a range of people, from those who simply need a roof over their head, to those who need regular help to overcome problems that they may be experiencing. At Solo we believe in people and our intention is to provide opportunities for those who pass through our door to improve their lives. We are funded by a number of different agencies, as well as by voluntary donation, to provide support, advice, information and practical help to achieve this.

We can offer two kinds of accommodation:

The Lodgings Scheme enables people with a spare room to let, to meet someone wishing to rent it. This gives the householder useful extra tax free income. It also provides people who do not have a home with a quick solution to their problem at an affordable rent.

Supported Housing is provided in either a one bedroom flat, shared house or flat or in our hostel. This is temporary accommodation, because our aim is to assist people to move out into the community, either to housing association accommodation or to the private sector. When a new resident arrives they are provided with their own furnished flat or room (where they will share a kitchen, bathroom, lounge). Our staff visit regularly, encouraging people to rebuild their confidence and prepare for independent living.

Why not ring us on 0800 652 0155 to find out more
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